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Think about the first rainfall during the monsoon. What is the very first thing that comes to your mind? The rain, followed by petrichor and that hot cup of tea or coffee. The perfect delight! However, with this comes the stress of getting drenched in the rain, catching a cold, falling ill, and whatnot.

Especially if you go out regularly, the stress of getting your clothes spoiled because of an unexpected downpour can be quite worrisome.

Therefore, with rain comes the necessity to shelter and protect yourself against getting wet amidst heavy rainfall. This article will give you the best advice on getting the perfect Raincoat fit to prepare you for the monsoon. Raincoats are our savior and friend during the monsoon season. Especially in India, where the monsoon can sometimes get pretty messy.

The Indian Monsoon

The Indian Monsoon is often associated with a cup of tea with your favorite person and savoring snacks such as fritters. It is scattered. The Indian monsoon happens between the months of June-September and ranges from a drizzle to raining cats and dogs in amounts that get out of control sometimes.

Also, monsoons in India can even be an unexpected and uninvited guest, thanks to the western disturbances.

Nevertheless, the Indian Monsoon brings a lot of relief and happiness to the farmers, the agriculture, and the people in general. However, keeping yourself safe and healthy during the monsoon is essential. This is where a raincoat comes to your rescue and should be your best friend during the monsoon.

What is a Raincoat?

Did you know that the Amazonian Indians invented the Raincoat? They first used raincoats to protect against rain, and later the modern Raincoat was designed.

 A raincoat helps in giving protection against the rain. It is typically made of a material such as rayon, nylon, polyester, and vinyl and is completely waterproof. Like a raincoat, a rain suit has multiple layers of fabric that give assurance of protection against the rain. Hence, a raincoat is both water-resistant and waterproof.

Why is a Raincoat Essential?

There are a few reasons why a raincoat is essential in your wardrobe

●      It keeps you dry inside and out

The main purpose of a raincoat is to protect you against the rain by keeping you dry.

●      The Raincoat is waterproof

Another point that makes the Raincoat essential is that it is windproof. This means that it protects you not only from rain but also wind. This feature is achieved by adding a lining. This lining prevents the wind from passing through the fabric.

●      It is an excellent value for money

A raincoat is an incredible investment as it lasts long and is versatile. Also, it never goes out of style.

●      A raincoat is a must-have for travel

A raincoat is an essential and must-have item when visiting a place with unpredictable weather. It will prove to be the perfect piece of clothing as it is lightweight, takes up very little space, and comes with great utility.


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Advice on Getting the Perfect Raincoat Fit

As important as buying a raincoat to protect yourself from the Indian Monsoon, it is equally important to look for the perfect raincoat fit. Remember a few things before buying or choosing a raincoat for yourself.

 These things will help you be safe and prevent falling ill in the rain. Choosing the perfect raincoat fit will make your life easy and breezy during the next monsoon in India.

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●      The Raincoat must be waterproof and water resistant

A perfect raincoat fit starts with the most basic of a raincoat: its waterproof quality and water resistance feature. A waterproof raincoat ensures that water does not enter the coat into your body or skin. It even helps move sweat out and protects you from precipitation and perspiration.

●      The Raincoat must have Layers

The perfect raincoat fit usually comes with 3 layers

➔      A 2-layer construction raincoat

The membrane is in the outer fabric of the Raincoat, and the interior is untouched.

➔      A 2.5-layer construction raincoat

The external layer is similar to a 2-layer construction. It further has a polyurethane coating on the inside. This is a half-layer since it only offers breathability and zero protection.

➔      A 3-layer construction

This is the highest quality as it has a DWR and durable water-repellent fabric. This is combined with a waterproof and breathable raincoat membrane and PU polyurethane lining.


The third layer acts as a shield and keeps sweat, oil, and dust away. This third layer inhibits the middle layer from touching your skin.

●      Breathability

The perfect raincoat fit must come with breathability, comfort, and effectiveness, with which the inside warmth evaporates to the outside. Breathability ensures you do not get sweaty when you don the Raincoat.

●      Pockets

The Raincoat that fits perfectly must come with pockets to keep all your belongings safe. If the Raincoat has a zipper with an additional flap and closures, nothing can beat this. To top it all, inside pockets in the Raincoat are always an add-on.

●      Hood size

The Raincoat must come with a hood that fits your head well without falling every now and then. The hood must be nice and fit well.

●      Buttoned or zipped

A raincoat or a rain suit must have buttons or zip to prevent the water from entering through the front opening. Also, if this zip or button goes up to the chin, it is ideal. Additionally, a raincoat with buttons on the cuffs will prevent water from entering from every opening. This is an add-on, and you must look for this feature to find the perfect Raincoat fit for yourself.

●      Length

A mid-sized raincoat in the front and a little longer at the back so that it fits you perfectly without restricting movement is ideal and perfect.

●      Size

Last but not least, a raincoat that is the perfect size for your body can be an absolute game-changer. The sleeves must be the right length and fit. There should be some room left in the sleeves for additional layers to be worn inside. You should be able to move your hands comfortably, and your wrists shouldn’t be too exposed.


The advice mentioned above will help you find the perfect Raincoat fit for the monsoon in India. ZEEL Rainwear is the leading manufacturer of raincoats suitable for rain in India. They specialize in lightweight, highly functional, and stylish raincoats to protect you from heavy downpours.

The ZEEL Rainwear is tailored to be breathable and ensures that you don’t sweat. They got everything from buttons on cuffs and vibrant colors to transparent raincoats.

Don’t let the rain spoil your mood or your plans. With the perfect raincoats, you need not cancel your plans or spoil that mood.