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Winter season reminds us of warmth. Winters also means cozy clothes. This year, winter is forecasted to be harsh starting from November 2022. With breezy winds and chilling cold, winter is all set. Are you? Women are more fashionable and are aware of seasonal outfits. However, men need style too.

In this post, we'll help you choose the ideal men’s jacket for your needs, based on the climate and style. Get ready to stay bundled up all winter long! 

When shopping for a men's winter jacket, make sure to consider your lifestyle and what type of clothing is best suited for cold weather conditions. Let us check out what should you consider before making a purchase decision for your perfect winter jacket for men:

Need the jacket or want the jacket? 

There are hundreds of jackets with different styles, patterns, brands, and prices. Do not purchase a jacket because your friend or a social media influencer has it. A jacket is surely a style statement but it should meet the needs. Especially for winter, think about, why you need the jacket. Is it for casual wear or to protect yourself from the cold weather? Make a smart decision by understanding the need and want factors.

Where and when will you use the winter jacket? 

Consider the location where you’ll be wearing the winter coat. Is it a hilly area or at the beachside, does the place has humidity, etc? Additionally, check out when will you wear the jacket, is it during the day or at night outdoors? Are you purchasing the jacket for travel purposes or regular use? These questions can help you to make the right purchase decision.

What is your personality?

 Selecting the appropriate winter jacket is a work of research. Before buying a men’s winter coat, understand your body type, lifestyle, and your personality. Don’t go for funky colors if you haven’t tried them before, or if that’s not your type. There are jackets from waist length to knee length. Make sure it suits your height and body shape.

Style or comfort, what’d you choose? 

Comfort comes first, gentlemen. For winter, look out for comfortable winter jackets. A comfy winter jacket will protect you from the chills. A stylish winter jacket may or may not fulfill the expectations in terms of protection against cold. Ensure your winter jacket ticks both points at the same time.

What about the care routine? 

A good winter jacket for men generally lasts for 3-4 years if used with proper care. Check the instructions mentioned on the label regarding washing and storing the jacket. Different types of winter jackets have different needs for storing, washing, and using. For example, leather jackets, fleece coats, waterproof jackets, etc, all have specific storage requirements. Hence, consider the durability of the winter jacket and whether you will be able to follow the care routine thoroughly.

Now, when you actually need the jacket, here are some important factors to consider:

The Functionality of the Winter Jackets 

From the various features of a winter coat for men, there are some functionalities that you cannot avoid.

  • Winter jacket with a hoodie

  • Winter coat with pockets

  • A sweatshirt with a hoodie and pockets

  • Winter jacket with or without a collar

  • Winter coat with a zipper or buttons

Men’s jackets should prioritize functionality when it comes to material and construction. A good jacket can protect you from wind and precipitation while also keeping your body warm. Always make sure the jacket looks good when you wear it out in public!

The Appropriate Length of the Winter Jackets for Men

The length will be based on the wearer’s height, insulation preference, and jacket style.

  • A knee-length winter coat

  • A waist-length winter jacket

  • A sherpa-lined coat

Whatever length you go for, make sure you pick the right men’s winter jacket style to fit your unique needs.

The Material and Insulation of the Men’s Winter Jackets

The materials used in winter jackets for men can vary depending on the jacket’s intended purpose. Select the material and insulation as per the location and requirement. If you’re staying in snowy mountains like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, etc., go for water-resistant jackets. Consider wind-proof jackets for biking. A heavier jacket made from a durable material such as down or fleece is typically better suited to colder temperatures, while a light jacket made of synthetic insulation is best for warmer weather.

  • Water-resistant jacket

  • Wind-proof jacket

  • Heavy down jacket

  • Fleece jacket

  • Lightweight jacket

Down jackets are the traditional choice for winter jacket material, as they are extremely warm and compressive. This construction results in a jacket that is both waterproof and lightweight, making it perfect for colder weather conditions where you need maximum warmth but don't want to overheat.

The Style, Design, and Colors of the Winter Jackets

Select a jacket that suits your lifestyle, and your personality and protects against cold. It is important to understand your body type, the climate you live in, and what style of jacket you would like. These are the popular types of jackets –

  • Down jacket

  • Synthetic winter jacket

  • Fleece coats

  • Padded jacket (for those who want bulkiness)

  • Waterproof/breathable jacket (ideal for people with sensitive skin)

  • Bomber-style jacket (designed for colder climates)

Each type has its unique features that can make a difference when it comes to cold weather conditions. Down coats provide great insulation while also being lightweight; fleece jackets keep you warm without making you sweaty; polyester hoodies are perfect for days when the wind chill factor is high, and zip-up insulated jackets protect against rain and snowmelt.

 You can choose the color based on your style. For example, if you’re a low-key guy, go with a charcoal gray jacket. If you like to stand out, go with something brighter or more eye-catching. Whatever color you choose, make sure it looks good together and fits well so that it’ll keep you warm in the cold weather. 

Zeel understands your winter wear needs. Check out our pro tips to make the smartest purchase decision for a men’s winter jacket.

  • Check the weather before stepping out

  • Consider your body type when choosing a jacket

  • Add on layers if necessary

  • Blend your style with utility

  • Select jackets that have pockets for convenience

  • Wear good and comfortable shoes and warm socks

  • Compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase

Don't wait any longer, make some room for your new winter jacket in your closet, and enjoy the colder weather this winter with the right jacket! Happy shopping!