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As the monsoon sets in, it is essential to protect your little kids from the rain. A raincoat is an effective and easy way to protect your child from the monsoon.

Raincoats come in handy during the monsoon as they can be worn over the school bag, protecting the school bag and books, which are essential for the child. Also, with a raincoat saving them from the rain, children can easily manage to attend school, go for tuition, take extra classes and even play in the evening time.

Children are the most susceptible to catching a cold or fever in the monsoon season. Raincoats thus become an essential part of their wardrobe to keep them safe from the heavy rains during monsoon. This article will look at the best raincoats for kids to keep them dry and happy.

Why are Raincoats Important for Children?

Raincoats are essential in keeping children healthy and safe. They help in ensuring that your little one doesn’t get unwell and looks the most stylish during their monsoon adventures.

Playing in the rain is universally known to bring joy to a child’s life. This is an adventure that they remember as the most significant memory from their childhood.

There’s nothing more playful than stomping on puddles in a pair of rain boots and discovering how seasons change. However, with all this playfulness and splashing splashing comes the risk of catching a fever, getting soaked and potentially falling ill. Protective rainwear thus becomes essential to not let the rain come in the way of children’s fun.

Moreover, raincoats are better than umbrellas as they provide full coverage hands-free. This means the child does not have to endure the stress of carrying an umbrella in turbulent times such as torrential rainfall.

Types of Raincoats for Children

For the monsoon adventure to begin for children, it is crucial to buy raincoats for them. These raincoats ensure the safety, health and comfort of your child. Raincoats are a fun way to keep your little ones dry in the monsoon season.

They are to be worn as outerwear, and a child can wear them over their uniform or regular clothes. The best raincoats for children come with various features. With the fantastic features, it is vital to look for a raincoat designed in a way the child likes wearing.

Children can be very picky and choosy when it comes to clothing. Since Kids raincoats are essential wear during monsoon season for children, it is vital to look for raincoats that come in astonishing patterns and funky designs that your little ones adore.

Raincoats that come in different bright colour variants, such as blue, pink, purple, green etc., can be very eye-catching according to children’s preferences.

ZEEL Rainwear provides the best raincoats especially designed for children to keep them stylish and safe during a heavy downpour. Their raincoats come with long-lasting prints that your little ones are going to love.

The ZEEL raincoats come for children aged 4 to 13 years. You can order the right size for your child depending on their growth and development. The best part? You can wash these raincoats in running water.

Key Features of Raincoats

There are a few key features of raincoats that ensure the safety of your little one in the monsoon season. These key features are

●      Waterproof

A raincoat is waterproof, which means it is water-resistant to keep rain from reaching the skin. A few minutes of being wet can cause great pain for the little ones. A water-resistance garment such as a raincoat is made of fabric that is tightly woven, and it becomes difficult for the water to get through. The material is nylon or polyester, through which the water gets soaked.

●      Breathability

It is the moisture vapour transfer. A raincoat that helps keep the child warm and allows moist air to the colder areas and drier air outside the garment is the best.

●      DWR Finish

Raincoats with a DWR, durable water-repellent finish provide extra protection against rain. The little raindrops that fall on the raincoat are taken care of by this DWR finish. This essentially means that the outer surface of the raincoat does not get saturated, as saturation can lead to feeling cold, and the child ends up catching a fever. Also, saturation impairs the fabric’s ability to breathe easily.

●      Windproof or Wind-Resistant

A raincoat that is windproof helps in blocking the wind along with rain. It is the same barrier at work that blocks the rain or pushes it away.

●      PVC Fabric

It is important that the fabric of the raincoat is suitable for children. A PVC(polyvinyl chloride) is a type of synthetic plastic polymer that is the primary waterproof material used in rain gear to protect your child from getting drenched in the rain.


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Things to Remember When Buying a Raincoat for Children

  • Pairing the raincoat with a pair of gumboots, these are rubber boots that help in keeping the feet dry. They are long and waterproof, keeping the feet dry and safe.
  • The hood of the raincoat must be such that it covers the head adequately and is sturdy enough to make it safe for children.
  • If the raincoat comes with a face shield attached to the hood, it is even better to protect the face of your little one.
  • Raincoats that come with pockets so children can keep their belongings, such as handkerchiefs, keys or other essential items, are a must.
  • The length of the raincoat and the fit is also of utmost importance. The longer the raincoat is, the better coverage it provides your child. Also, a longer raincoat that covers the backpack and is appropriate for your child’s height is the best choice.
  • The size of the raincoat is another critical thing to look for when choosing a raincoat for your child. Aside from coverage, another essential thing is to check if the raincoat is suitable for your little one or not. Moreover, a raincoat that is too tight will make it difficult for a child to move around, and a loose one will allow rainwater to seep in.
  • A high-quality raincoat is a must for children to ensure that kids stay dry even during heavy rain. Thus, investing in a high-quality raincoat is imperative. A raincoat that has a quick-drying material and adjustable details are a few essential things.
  • Also, all the raincoat features that are mentioned above must be included and considered when buying a raincoat for your child.


Kids shouldn’t miss out on playing outside during monsoon. With the right and suitable raincoat, they can spend more time outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. It can be fun staying tucked in bed all day long during monsoon, but your child needs to enjoy all aspects and seasons of life.

Monsoon brings with it rains that are responsible for a lot of memories during childhood, and no child should be deprived of these beautiful memories.

With ZEEL, you can choose the best raincoat for your child. They offer high-quality features and premium-quality raincoats.