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Monsoon in India can be a boon for many, but at the same time, it can be a bane for others. Monsoon, as we all know, is essential for a country. Nevertheless, the monsoon season can make you feel irritated and spoil your mood. To ensure that the wet season does not spoil your mood, you must check out ZEEL Rainwear.


We will tell you in this article the top 9 reasons why ZEEL Rainwear is the most essential in India's wet seasons.

ZEEL Rainwear is a sustainable and durable wear to protect you from unexpected rains

Monsoon in India

Before we move on and look at the 9 reasons why ZEEL Rainwear is essential, let's first understand the wet season or the monsoon season of India better. Did you know that the word Monsoon is derived from an Arabic word? It originated from the word 'Mausim', which essentially means the season of winds.


The wet season in India begins in June and ends in September. Also, this is the best weather for that hot cup of tea with fritters in India. People in India wait all year long for this wet season to enjoy and have the time of their lives.

What is a Raincoat or Rainwear Set?

A raincoat is also called a rain jacket, and Rainwear set is Rain Jacket and Rain pant set. A rain suit comes with multiple layers of fabric, making it the best option against rain. There is no chance of getting wet with a rain suit.


Raincoats cover your waist and come with long sleeves. A raincoat comes with comfortable collars and pockets on the inside. It even has a hood attached to drawstrings and is usually lightweight and highly comfortable.

9 reasons why ZEEL Rainwear is the most essential

There are various reasons why ZEEL Rainwear is the most essential for India's wet season. Let's discuss these in detail

●      We are the best in quality

ZEEL Rainwear is the best in quality. The quality of their products can be seen from the material they use. They are made using high-quality PVC fabric. PVC is polyvinyl chloride that is lightweight, flexible, strong and easy to clean.

●      ZEEL Rainwear Raincoats are Layered

These waterproof raincoats come with three layers. These three layers are

➔     A 2-layer construction

In this layer, the laminate or membrane is applied to the fabric outside of the raincoat. The interior of this fabric is left entirely untouched. In a few cases, a hanging layer or semi-loose layer is attached. This is done so as to add weight to the raincoat.

➔     A 2.5-layer construction

This 2.5 layer comes with an external layer similar to the 2-layer, but it has a polyurethane laminate on the inside fabric of the raincoat. This laminate helps in protecting from oil, dust, sweat etc., which helps in easy breathability. It is a half layer because it offers no protection but just breathability.

➔     A 3-layer construction

This 3-layer construction is the highest quality of layering when it comes to waterproof raincoats. It has an external DWR durable water-repellent finish as the very first layer. This layer is combined with a waterproof and breathable raincoat laminate in the second layer. This third layer acts as a shield that helps keep sweat, dust, oil etc., away. ZEEL Rainwear such as raincoats, rain pants, trench coats and rain suits come with this and inhibit the middle layer from touching the skin.

●      Breathability

ZEEL Rainwear has excellent breathability. It is the comfort and effectiveness with which the warmth inside evaporates to the outside. The aim of breathability is to provide comfort, allow easy breathability, and prevent you from getting sweaty every time.


High breathability means you won't feel the humidity but require a few layers to keep you warm. On the other hand, low breathability means the raincoat will sustain warmth and make you end up feeling warmer.

●      Different Ranges for men, Women and Kids

Another fantastic feature of ZEEL Rainwear is that it has different rainwear ranges for men and women and even has a kid's line.

❖     Men's Rainwear

It is best for all kinds of rain, from drizzle to heavy downpours. We are best suggested for activities such as trekking, biking or even going to work. Our raincoats are 100% waterproof. They are stylish and come with an adjustable drawstring attached to the hood and a long zipper with velcro. The men's raincoat has elastic velcro bands at the cuffs and two front pockets. The overlapping flap ensures that water does not enter in.

❖     Women Rainwear

These are also 100% waterproof, double-layered raincoats. They are stylish, fashionable, and durable and come in various colour options such as pink, red, blue etc. they even have reversible raincoats. Isn't that fun?

❖     Kids Rainwear

ZEEL Rainwear has a separate kids' raincoats line. They are extremely cute and fashionable and provide excellent protection to children during the monsoon season.


The prints on the kids' rainwear are long-lasting, and the colour options are really funky, as per kids' preferences. ZEEL provides raincoats for kids aged 4 to 13, depending on their growth and development.

●      Hood

There is an excellent-sized hood which fits well without falling. As there are drawstrings for the hood, they help prevent it from falling every now and then. The right size hood, according to your head, will protect your hair from getting wet and messy.

●      High neck

The ZEEL Rainwear raincoats come with a high neck providing extra protection. If you ditch the hood, the high neck will protect you.

●      Pockets

Pockets in raincoats are essential to keep all your belongings safe, and ZEEL comes with utility pockets inside the jacket that helps keep your belongings safe.

●      Detachable Fibre Beak

This is for extra protection with a high neck, as mentioned above. So, you can wear the rain set by removing or keeping it.

●      Buttons at the Cuff and Reversible

It helps in preventing water from entering from anywhere. The button at the cuff is solely for this reason, as they help in preventing water from entering from any place whatsoever. The cuffs can be the most unnoticed when it comes to rainwear. But ZEEL gives you even this.


The best part about ZEEL Rainwear is that they are reversible. So, if you're someone who gets bored quickly, ZEEL Rainwear rain sets are the best and most essential for you.


ZEEL Rainwear is a modern rainwear range that is tailored to be breathable. This breathable design ensures that you do not sweat. From transparent raincoats to bright colours, the online ZEEL stores provide you with all. They are essential for the reasons mentioned above and because they possess unparalleled quality.


What can be more fashionable than a trench coat style raincoat for women? A raincoat that comes with the option of being reversible and comes with the best features.


So, protect yourself from the monsoon season by ordering yourself amazing rainwear from ZEEL.